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Preview for Responsive Joomla Web Design Modes & Customization of Each Responsive View.

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The Responsive Mode Support, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile View.

Joomla Hosting Plus+ Components and Modules Position

Joomla Components and Module positions are placeholders in a ARYACO Joomla Web Hosting Plus+ templates.

They identify positions within the template where output from modules assigned to a particular position will be displayed. 

Joomla Components and Modules Positions

Additional Administrator Components Management

Banner Manager
Web banners (also called banner ads) are a common form of advertising on the web. They are usually placed on websites with high-quality content and link back to the advertisers' websites. Typically they are long and narrow images combined with some HTML and JavaScript. Increasingly often they also use multimedia objects to play animations and sounds to attract attention. Joomla! contains a ready-to-go banner management system.
Contact Manager
The Contact Manager allows users to add Contact information to a Joomla! site. Information such as name, address, phone and email can be entered, and Contacts can be linked to registered users. Front end links can be created, either through a Menu Item or a Module, to feature one or many Contacts once they are developed.
Messaging Manager
The Messaging Manager enables users with back end access to send private messages to other users within the site. This component has been included to enhance the communication between any users with backend access.
News Feed Manager
News Feeds are a way to display content from other sources - like latest news articles or blog posts - on your site. Joomla! allows users to create News Feed Categories and to feature the feeds through different Menu Items and Module Types.
Redirect Manager
Users can also easily create redirects for expired URLs to active URLS through the Redirect Manager. This is a way to ensure that each of your pages is continually accessible through the front end of the site.
Search & Smart Search
This new Smart Search functionality offers a faster, more user-friendly search experience for your visitors. It features natural language search with auto-completion and stemming, which allows the user to find relevant content by just typing the first several letters of a word. Designed for versatility and speed, this native Joomla! component + plugins set gives you one-click automated indexing of all content items, categories, web links, contacts, news feeds, etc. It offers a large array of configurable options, including result description length, URL length, and date filters. The original Search function is also still available.
Web Link Manager
Much like News Feeds, Joomla! administrators will commonly want to feature links to outside resources on their site. The Web Links Manager enables administrators to keep web links organized for ease of use.

Joomla Administrator Features

Article Manager
Using the core Joomla! Article Manager, users can easily create content that is displayed that might be shown in different locations on the page. Articles typically contain some text, pictures or other type of content and for most types of Joomla! sites, Articles are the majority of the information presented in the website, and an Article typically contains some text, pictures or other types of content.
Category Manager
The Category Manager exists to help users save Articles logically, so they can come back in the future and do an Article search very effectively. Categories exist primarily in the Administration area (the back end) of your Joomla! site, but sometimes they are used for specific Menu Items or Module types.
Media Manager
The built in Media Manager supports a variety of different file types that can be displayed or utilized in the site. While most common media types are supported, a file type can easily be added to the Media Manager if you’d like to utilize it within your site. From .pdf documents to video and music files, Joomla! will recognize it.
Menu Manager
One of the features that separates Joomla! from other CMS is the versatile Menu system. Site administrators can develop an infinite amount of Menus and Menu Items that have different functionality. Menu Items can be connected to Articles, but core Joomla! functionality also contains registration, login, contact, web link, and other Menu Items to choose from.
User Manager
Another extremely valuable component within the core Joomla! components is the User Manager that come with the CMS. Site Administrators can develop registration and login forms, and account activation can be automated or require administrative approval. Users can register or be added to the site, and there is a vast series of Access Control Levels and Permission Settings. There are many default User settings, but all of them can be changed and managed to create an extremely User-friendly site. Once Users are added they can be placed into different User Groups, and the administrator can grant or restrict access to various areas of the site. There is an additional Edit Profile function in the Administration area control panel where users who have back end access can edit their profiles.
Module Manager
Modules are the building blocks of the visual Joomla! website. Modules can contain customized text and images, but they may also feature calendars, shopping carts, registration forms, video files, image rotators, log in forms, directories, forums and many others. Modules can be placed into a variety of positions on the site depending on the Template being used and positions can easily be changed.
Extension Manager
Although the core Joomla! features allow quite a lot of functionality, if there is something that you would like to feature on your site that is not part of the core Joomla! package, there is an Extensions Directory that contains thousands of 3rd party Plugins, Modules, and Components that can be added to the site. The directory - located at - is where users unlock the true potential of Joomla! Extensions generally come with some instructions and extension developers can typically be contacted with questions. An extension may be a very large Component, like a Template, that is added to the site. Components are robust pieces of software that can be modified in the back end of the site, and users see the Component on the front end. Modules perform specific functions, users can see them on the front end of the site, and the administrator can modify them in the back end, but they are smaller than Components. Plugins are very small pieces of software that can be added to the site they increase the functionality of users in the back end. Users typically only see the effects of the Plugin on the front end. Once installed, Joomla! contains a separate manager for each - a Component Manager, Module Manager, and Plugin Manager - that allows administrator to configure the software for their specifications.
Language Manager
One of the things that Joomla! focused on with its most recent release was the internationalization of websites and encouraging users and website owners to create sites that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. One of the biggest barriers to that was language accessibility. The Joomla! Community tackled that head on with the new and refined Language Manager and other multilingual capabilities now available in Joomla! 2.5. Now, webmasters and content creators can create websites to be presented in multiple languages, without ever needing to step outside of the options available in the Joomla! core software. This is a big step forward and represents a set of capabilities that can make websites much more accessible, reaching out to a much larger audience.
Global Configuration
As the name implies, Global Configuration is the area of Administration interface where site administrators can make changes that affect the global behavior of the website. All of the parameters for the Site, System, and Server can be configured here and additional Permission levels can also be controlled here.
Template Manager
A Template controls the overall look and layout of a site. It provides the framework that brings together common elements, modules and components as well as providing the cascading style sheet for the site. Both the front-end and the back-end of the site have Templates. When Joomla! is first installed several Templates are automatically included. Users can find many more templates online - some commercial and some noncommercial - and Templates can typically be customized to a certain extent. Templates are managed with the Template Manager in the back end of the site, and in this area users can select and edit default Templates, make copies of Templates, and assign different Templates to different pages.
Edit Profile
The edit profile feature allows any user with back end access to update their user name, password and email address associated with their account, but if you have site administrators speaking different languages, those users can also select the back end language and template they'd like to use when maneuvering through the site.
Joomla! Updates
The automated notification of Joomla! updates is a new built-in feature that simplifies site maintenance and management of updates. Available as a quick button on the administrative control panel of your Joomla! website, it enables administrators to update a site to the latest stable Joomla! release with just a single click.
Extension Updates
A second quick button handles updates for Joomla! extensions. A major usability enhancement, this auto-updating feature eliminates the need to manually transfer and replace files on the server, converting a time-consuming, error-prone process into a seamless, effective, and time-saving experience.
Additional Components

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